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Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress consists of a vast number of springs which are able to work independently because they have been individually housed within their own pocket. This enables them to have the capacity to support the weight that is exerted directly onto them, and to offer greater support to the heavier parts of your body. This will in turn relieve pressure points and create the feeling of tailored support. The springs are also significantly smaller than the ones found in traditional mattresses. On average, in an open coil mattress you can expect to find up to 300 springs, but in a pocket sprung mattress you can find up to 5000. With such a vast difference, you can appreciate the intricacy that has gone into developing these mattresses and the obvious benefits that this brings.


  1. Silk 1000 mattress

    Silk 1000 mattress

    Long regarded as the queen of textiles, silk is a unique natural protein fibre obtained from cacoons spun by the larvae of the mulberry silkworm bombyx mori. It is the finest and strongest of all natural textile fibres and silk fabrics are highly prizzed for their shimmering apperance, luxurious smooth texture, bright natural shine and resistant to wrinkling. Furthermore it is exceptionally light in weight with good absorbency and simultaneously - perfect for summer and winter


    4 drawer divan set: 3ft 

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